• Mr.D

Home Studio w/ Jordann

Working in the studio can create some stunning results, yet it can lack an intimacy of a home location shoot. Typically this will create more of a scene or mood, and the use of constant lights rather than a flash or strobe will create a special kind of ambiance and allows a model to get more into character. To model is to show or demonstrate something… and if its not an actual product, like “hey buy my t-shirt” then its a feeling or emotion. Jordann demonstrates all sorts of feels and emotions here.

I find it particularly interesting that changing the orientation of these photos dramatically changes the way the look. How the model fills the frame with composition is beautifully complemented by how Jordann interacts with the camera. Its a key formula regarding the camera that she has mastered: Act as if it's not there, but be aware that it is

I think it is really important to look at a lot of other work and photos, let them inspire you and challenge you. It is so rare to find original ideas or art these days and that is such a beautiful thing, because all art is recycled and reused. Jordan brought me a photo similar to this one

And it was the last shot we took but it inspired these shots as the “build up” and honestly, I think they are my favorite of the set.

This set in the bed was beautiful and amazing. I think the way Jordann moved and modeled was just incredible and it gave the set a real personal and intimate feel. Its shoots and sets like this that are magical because the music is on and each person is moving and working, not stopping to pose, just being in the moment.

These last two sets I really don't know how I feel about them and Im not sure why.

The first one, I cannot tell if its good, different or just meh? It is unlike much of my other work and that may be what's catching me. I did play with some different editing styles and techniques here and that made me like them better… but someone help me and tell me whats going on here.

All in all this entire set was awesome. I have so much fun shooting Jordann and creating images that are real, interesting, and create some sort of energy and feelings in the viewer.

Stay tuned for more and as always, please tell me what you think!