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New Work...sorta

One of my biggest flaws is my follow through, it always has been. I have a lot of great ideas, plans, and ambitions however more often than not they seem to fall to the wayside. In an effort to change that I will be posting more often showcasing some various shoots I have done recently, or not so recently in hopes that you enjoy what you see. So without further ado here we go!

I tend to go on little hiatus from shooting time to time, I was in one of those very things when I met and decided to shoot this model. I was tired of shooting much of the same thing, I was tired as an artist and in all honesty I really didn't want to do it. However something about her and her look pushed me over the edge and I agreed to shoot. Also something about a chick with a shaved head I find really really hot and i'm not really sure why.

My intention was to try to make it different, I was looking at different light setups and interesting ideas to change the look and feel of the shoot using only the lights. The model told me that she was a bit inexperienced, which is something I am very good at working with, so I relied on my own know-how on making this shoot something more and different than most of my other shoots. Little did I know, she was going to amaze me and add a whole other dynamic to the shoot!

Caylyn brought a look and style that was constantly fluid, being both dominant and submissive, masculine and feminine, soft and hard… and it all seemed to flow so naturally. I was truly surprised and I couldn't really appreciate how powerful that was until after the fact and I got to review the photos.

In my efforts to change my status quo I brought in some elements to this shoot, The Cage being one of them. This was my favorite look i think, because the look in her eyes, the feeling and emotion of her body all led to a conflicting emotion

The orange and blue set of photos I also really enjoyed because it showed both power and vulnerability, sometimes in the same exact photo. The beauty of this was, that part was not my intention at all, it just sort of organically happened, which is awesome in any photoshoot! Despite her being nude in many of these sets, sex and sexuality is not the first thing that comes to mind when I view these, it definitely shows an attraction and it has an exotic alluring ability to it, however it almost seems more than something as basic as sexuality.

I think my success of making this set different than my norm was moderate at best, it's still a half naked girl with dramatic colored lights yet what really makes this stand out to me was how well the model captivated a feeling and aura to this set. She was powerful and vulnerable, dominate and submissive, and it all seemed to morph in almost every shot!

All in all it was a fantastic shoot, I had an incredible time and i seriously look forward to the next time we shoot again!

If you want to see the rest of this set, head over to my WHATS NEW section and you can see them all. As always I would love to hear your thoughts and feels- Love it or Hate please let me know!

Stay Tuned for more!