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Everyone loves great sexy nude photos! We take them on our phones, we look at them on tumblr, insta and facebook, we send them to our significant others, and in general we as people just love to look at a whole lotta sexy!

So before I show all the goods, a word about modeling semi nude or nude.

It is a great feeling! to look at photos of yourself or someone you love and see them in all their sexiness! Everyone enjoys sex and sexual activity and photos, so why should we hide it or shame it or make it seem like something so bad and taboo.

Every model I shot nude has really enjoyed it and loved seeing the photos, creating the mood and just getting that confidence boost and empowering that inner sexual diva in them. Its not something we should hide or be afraid of. Try it, see how you feel and what it does for your mental state... you may be surprised on what you find.

So here is a collection of a bunch of my favorites, and at the end is a link to a big chunk of albums that all about nude modeling. I put little descriptions about each shoot and what it was about and what it meant to me. I truly hope and plan on posting more galleries there and with better time management skills I will be doing so soon!

In the mean time go check them out and tell me what you think, Id love to get an email or message about them, hey, I might even give away a few 8x6 prints of some of the work in exchange for your honest critique!

Here is the link to my Flickr Remember, send me a message, email or hand written letter to let me know what you think!



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