• Mr.D

The Art of Modeling

Over the years of doing this I have had the pleasure of working with all different types of models, ranging in skill and ability level, from first timers to seasoned pros, and Christina has been one of the absolute best I've ever shot with!

I can go on to talk about how modeling is a skill and an art-form, and I can go on to talk about what makes a good model and how is one person better at modeling than another, but more so I want to showcase how a minimalist set can turn into something inspiring and beautiful while transcending the stigma of "just another nude model bein' nude" And all it takes is one incredibly talented model.

When I first envisioned this set, the only thing I had in mind was the light on a cord and a big round bulb. I had no idea what else to do or even where to shoot it, I am a big fan of the creepy ascetic of a single light bulb hanging and swinging, creating moving and transforming shadows in the room (we've all seen this typical horror lighting) I also wanted to have a slight strange aspect to the set, I didn't want the model to be clothed, but I also didn't want it to be sexual either. I don't think anyone could have done this better than Creeps.

Christina took my half baked idea and transformed it, allowing herself to interact with the only thing she had, and then formed some sort of relationship with the light and allowed Us, as the viewers, to decide what that relationship meant. Was the light a source of her life? Was she attracted to it as a moth to a flame? Did it power her and give her energy? She created questions and stories from nothing but a hanging light in a door way and the results were truly stunning.

Then we added the wire, and the whole shoot had a tiny shift in feeling and tone. As an artist and photographer, I had seen this concept in my head, of a model sort of tangled in this wire, and if I am being truly honest, I'm not sure that I achieved my vision, however what we did get was very interesting.

The difference between "someone who models" and a "model" is staggering when compared side by side. Creeps was always moving, filling the space, creating shapes, lines, emotions and relationships all while just standing naked in a doorway with a light hanging in the middle. She was always aware of her body, how it looks and how it moves, as well as always being aware of me, where I'm shooting, my lights and angles. Never did she need to ask for direction or instruction, I simply orientated her and the both of us together created some fabulous pieces. I do not think I have ever worked with a more astonishing model before!

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